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Northwin Landfill

Environmentally Safe and Sustainable

This facility is the benchmark in modern landfill design and is the first of its kind in BC.

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Modernization of the Northwin Landfill


Information related to Upland’s application for a new Operational Certificate to replace its 1992 permit and upgrade its Landfill can be found here.

Northwin Environmental Ltd. has been operating the current landfill for more than 25 years in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner.

Northwin is now voluntarily seeking to upgrade its landfill and build a waste management facility including a leachate treatment system that exceeds most other waste management systems in the province. These upgrades would exceed the new Solid Waste Management criteria of 2015 adopted by the Ministry of the Environment. Plans to modernize the landfill facility are also in compliance with BC Ministry of Environment’s requirements.

Our goal is to offer a local, environmentally sound, sustainable way to dispose of local non-transportable solid waste materials that are currently subject to higher transportation costs due to the limited local disposal options.

To do so, Northwin has prepared and submitted a Waste Discharge Application to the BC Ministry of Environment to upgrade its existing permit to an Operational Certificate.

The Operational Certificate will allow Northwin to continue with the management of solid non-hazardous waste, such as land clearing debris, construction and demolition debris and waste soil, in a modernized facility. The upgraded landfill will have an approximate site life of 20 years and will have a capacity of 500,000 cubic metres.

In support of the Operational Certificate, Northwin has completed various geotechnical, hydrologic, and hydrogeological studies, preparation of a landfill design, operation and closure plan, and an environmental effects monitoring plan.

All technical reports can be found here.

The company has also conducted consultations with various community member leaders, First Nation groups and other stakeholders to discuss comments, and further investigate and analyze the feedback for amendments to the studies and designs.

Northwin and its employees are committed to the security and safety of the community’s drinking water, fish habitat and to providing a better environment for generations to come.

local waste management solutions to build a safer and more sustainable environment


Northwin Environmental Ltd.  Provides local waste management solutions to build a safer and more sustainable environment. Northwin’s services help reduce the costs for local businesses and development projects in the Campbell River District and reduces the impacts to the environment associated with long distance waste disposal alternatives.

The Comox Valley Regional District encouraged Northwin to apply for a Landfill Permit in 1993. Since that time, Upland is listed on the Comox Valley Regional District’s Solid Waste Management Plan as a Permitted Landfill.

The company has been operating its permitted landfill (Permit # PR-10807) for the past 25 years, and has always been in compliance. This complements the Upland quarry operations and the recycling of concrete and asphalt waste products.

Upland Contracting Ltd. is also regularly tasked with restoring the salmon habitat at Campbell River.

In early 2015, Upland submitted an application for a new Operational Certificate to replace its 1992 permit and upgrade the Northwin Landfill. All application related information can be found here.

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Upland Landfill
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